Die neuen, durch Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, zertifizierten

Lu Jong 1 , Lu Jong 2 und Tog Chöd Lehrer|innen.

Ich bin sehr stolz auf euch.

Danke für euer Vertrauen!

24. – 26. Februar 2017


Tibet Four Seasons

Tibet Four Seasons Outdoor is based in Tibet, started by a well traveled Tibetan couple, well experienced in tours and travels and have been in this market since 2004. We love to travel to new place for search of new camping and trekking path and such historic places where other competitors don’t know.We organize tours all round the year.

We provide the most interesting tours with experience of life time – be it adventure, wedding, Honeymoon , cultural tour, historic tour, trekking, camping, pilgrimage and many exciting adventures. We do arrange your permit letter to enter Tibet. We organize each and every aspects of the tour to miner details to create most wonderful travel experiences for our customers.

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