International Lu Jong 2 Teacher Education with Inma Vicente and Elke Höllman

12. April 2018

Dear Lu Jong teachers and friends,

After being chosen by Tulku Lobsang as Lu Jong 2 Educators in 2016, We are very honoured and happy to inform you about the next international Lu Jong 2 intensive education we will teach in Germany starting in August 2018. The Education will finish in February 2019 with the Certification Weekend in Germany.

We have been studying and following our beloved master Tulku Lobsang since 2005. This has help us to learn and experience his powerful methods very deeply as practitioners and educators, but also to understand the strong connection between mind and body, and how you can really transform and purify your mind through the body and its movement. As we all know, this is the only way to be healthier, aware and completely happy, and this is what we really want to teach to our Lu Jong students.

As close friends and experienced senior educators, we want to offer this Lu Jong 2 Education together in order to share our knowledge and improve our teaching. We will do our best to give our students all what our amazing master has given to us throughout the last 14 years. He is our example and our guide, may we be able to share our experience with all our heart and a very clear mind, just like he always does with all of us.

LU JONG 2 EDUCATION IN GERMANY: We will study the 15 Lu Jong 2 movements in a very deep way so we can learn, improve and integrate them in our daily Lu Jong practice and become Lu Jong 2 teachers. This education will help us also to understand, train and improve the practice of any trulkor or movement in breath retention of superior and more complicated practices as Tsa Lung or Tummo.


  • These education teachings will be in German and English.
  • Please notice that this teaching is an Education. You need to be a Lu Jong 1 teacher or educator to attend the Lu Jong 2 Education.
  • If you are already a Lu Jong 2 teacher or educator, you can attend this Education teachings in order to improve or deepen in your personal and professional practice and knowledge.In this case you don’t need to participate in all the Education meetings or sessions, please contact us to ask about the programme of the different meetings, prices and further details.
  • Places are limited. The Education will be given to small groups for a thorough study of the practice and highly personalized attention.
  • The official Lu Jong 2 Education Registration with Nangten Menlang International is valid for two years, the students can choose to take their Certification Exam the same year of training or the following year. In that case, they would only pay for such certification in the year they decided to examine.



– First Education Meeting: from 6 till 12 of August 2018

– Last Education Meeting: 11, 12 and 13 of January 2019

– Master class in Germany: 22, 23 and 24 of February 2019

All students who have passed the written (online exam) and practical examination with the educators, have to attend the  Masterclass with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, in order to get the certificate. During these days in the Masterclass, there won’t be any other examination. Students will have the chance to receive a Masterclass directly from Rinpoche and to get extra training directly from the Master.



TOTAL: 1.975,- €

  • Education (10 days): 1.400,- € (incl.19% tax) (to the educator)
  • Registration fee: 195,- € (Nangten Menlang International)
  • Masterclass fee: 380,- € (Nangten Menlang International)


Registration and information:

All participants for the Lu Jong 2 Education must register online over for the „Teacher Certification Programm 2018“

Elke Höllman | +49 (0) 7153 921376 | 

Inma Vicente | +34 699018287 | 



Special agreement with the Hotel Princess. Please contact us in this regard, if you wish an overnight stay.




Inma teaches Lu Jong, dance and body techniques that open up the consciousness through movement. Since 2005 she has been following and studying with the Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, founder of the Tibetan Medicine Center Nangten Menlang. As one of his most senior and closest students, she has studied, amongst other Buddhist disciplines: Lu Jong, Tsa Lung, Tummo, Bliss, Tog Chöd, Kum Nye, Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology. She is also Tulku Lobsang´s translator in Spain. An expert in Lu Jong teachings, in 2009 she became a Lu Jong 1 Educator and started training other teachers in Lu Jong techniques. She is also Tog Chöd Educator and Tsa Lung teacher authorised by Tulku Lobsang, and was chosen by him in 2016 as Lu Jong 2 Educator. For many years she has combined her experience as a dancer and dance teacher with that of Lu Jong, Tsa Lung, Tog Chöd, Meditation and other body techniques teaching in different centres in Spain and other European countries. As a Senior Lu Jong and Tog Chöd Educator and Exam Educator, Inma currently offers Lu Jong 1 and Lu Jong 2 Educations and Master Classes for Lu Jong Teachers and Educators in different countries such as Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and Norway.

As a professional dancer and dance teacher for 29 years now, Inma is specialised in teaching these beautiful and powerful methods in a way that you can learn and integrate the technique or form in a perfect way, but also understand, enjoy and feel deeply the essence, philosophy and psychology of the movement that lies underneath.



Since 2005 she has been following and studying with the Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, founder of the Tibetan Medicine Center Nangten Menlang. As one of his most senior and closest students, she has studied, amongst other Buddhist disciplines: Lu Jong, Tog Chöd, Kum Nye, Mindfulness, Tsa Lung, Tummo, Bliss, Buddhist Psychology, Eight Verses of Mind Training, Heart Sutra and Traditional Tibetan Medicine. From 2009 to 2012 she studied Traditional Tibetan Medicine with Tulku Lobsang. She is also Tog Chöd Educator, Kum Nye Educator and Tsa Lung teacher authorised by Tulku Lobsang. In 2016 Tulku Lobsang chose her as an Lu Jong 2 Educator.
In her teachings she integrates her Knowledge of Tibetan Medicine, Kum Nye Massage and Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology.